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#7: Take a break, "Steeplachase", "Laington's", reels

It's good to take a break, to understand what you really want to do, where are you, where your practice brought you so far. And mostly to see if there is anything you need to change in what you are doing. Both as practice and in general. Also for tunes. Take a break from them, and when you go back to them, you will realize where your practice got you stuck over.

Do not practice is not good, but also overpracticing is not good either. It can make worst than good. I know that, but I still have to understand it and make it mine.

With the "Steeplachase"' reel I got stuck with my practice before I left for two weeks to go back to Italy. It took me a few days to get back in track when I came back, but then I got back to this reel, and somehow, if if I thought my practicing wasn't productive, the tune was there. So, I learnt another new one yesterday and I think they work pretty well.

What do you know, but still struggle to make it yours?

Mad P

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