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#6: Love what you do, "The Old Woods of Limerick, The White Petticoat, The Queen of the Rushes", jig

If you find something you really like, get stick to it and go further and further to make it. Easy to say, difficult to do, but then, when you get results, you will be so happy for not quitting, and you will thank yourself for what you did and for what brought you there. Mostly, it will be you and your hard work, your hard practice. And it's nice to see that practicing hard brings your playing somewhere.

I am very happy about how things work out with this set I put together with three jigs I really love, mostly because of the musicians and recording where I got them from. I knew nothing about Irish music until a few years ago, but listening to the right musicians and having the right teachers, plus my motivation and hard practice, brought me here. And that makes me thankfull for all this beautiful music!

Thanks to Martin Hayes for "The old woods of Limerick", Kevin Burke for "The White Petticoat" and Tommy Peoples for "The queen of the Rushes". Three amazing musicians and three even better tunes. Hope I did them some justice.

Who are your musical inspiration?

Mad P

Kevin Burke, "The White Petticoat", jig

Tommy Peoples, "The Queen of the Rushes", jig

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