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#4: Learn how to be patient, "Lord Galway's Lamentation", march

Sometimes practice can be really frustrating, especially when you would like to get results as soon as possible, skipping all the hard part of failing and repeating. But sometimes it's the only thing that you can do to improve and get somewhere, It's not easy, neither mentally nor phisically.

I really took a challenge on working deeper in a tune I got from John Carty during my Master and trying to work on making it something more than a melody, creating harmony with doublestops and dynamics. Hard to work on intonation and bow control, but when the tune is so beautiful, it really pays off.

No certain news about this tune: historically there has never been a Lord of Galway, but it might have been a Scottish tune, and the name could have been Lord Gallaway. It can be played slowly (as I used to be, as a lamentation) or faster, as a march: lately, I prefer the way it sounds as a march!

What is a tune you struggle with, lately?

Mad P

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