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#5: Life keeps you busy, "Queen of the Rushes", jig

Sometimes life keeps you so busy that you are always in a rush. That's why, when you're short in time to practice, is sometimes better to focus on very few little things, that might affect things you're not even aware of. So, small steps, small technical issues, small ornamentation practice, and everything will fall into places. Be patient. Having too much or not enough time to practice, and not getting results the very next day is teaching me how to TRY to be patient.

Sometimes, even if it feels like if you're failing, as soon as you relax, all looks ok.

Same thing happened with me and this new jig I was learning: very difficult technically, and it looked like if it was going nowhere. But slowly, with a lot of patience, everything seems like working.

Let's hope so!

What are you struggling with, instead?

Mad P

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