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#8: Neverending Learning and Human Interaction. "The frost is all Over", "Rory O'Moore", Jigs.

As a musician you never stop learning, but sometimes is good to force yourself to go back to study. After almost a year of no classes at all, I finally took courage and found a good teacher for myself here in the Netherlands. The one-to-one approach between a teacher and a student is completely different from learning tunes from a recording. And I really missed that feeling of mutual exchange of receiving and giving something at the same time. The stimulation you have from a direct music relationship has nothing to do with the one of you sitting alone in one room learning tunes from your headphones.

That's also why I'm happy I managed to find a few Irish music sessions here around Rotterdam and good musicians to play with. Nothing will be as good as human interaction and playing tunes with other people.

What are your experiences with learning music?

Mad P

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